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Corpus Christi Chimney Cap Services

Repairs, Installations, and More for our Neighbors in Corpus Christi, Gregory Portland, and the Surrounding Areas

Chimney caps are metal structures placed on top of your chimney that allow smoke and exhaust from your fireplace to escape without letting anything else use your chimney as a gateway into your home. At Lighthouse Roofing, we install, repair, replace, and inspect high-quality chimney caps tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. 

You can’t buy a chimney cap at the hardware store – they need to be specially designed and installed to fit the unique dimensions and landscape of your chimney. Lighthouse roofing designs and installs customized chimney caps that are locally manufactured using high-quality materials. Whether you’re installing your first chimney cap or replacing your old one, we have what it takes to cap off your chimney the right way.

Should You Install a Chimney Cap?

If your home doesn’t currently have a chimney cap but does have a working fireplace and unblocked chimney, you might consider investing in one. Chimney caps keep water, pests, and fallen debris out of your home while keeping the heat from your fireplace in. They’re a practical solution that improves your comfort and energy efficiency while minimizing known safety risks.

Chimney Caps Can:

  • Keep water, debris, and air drafts out of your home
  • Keep heated and cooled air from your HVAC system inside your home where it belongs
  • Contain embers and sparks from your fireplace, protecting your roof from fire damage
  • Make it harder for pests to infiltrate your living spaces
  • And more!

Lighthouse Roofing’s chimney cap specialists are ready to inspect your roof and build and install your customized chimney cap. Call our Corpus Christi office at (361) 214-7447 today for a free estimate!

Does Your Chimney Cap Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

Is your chimney cap and chase rusting away or even gone? Not only is this a huge waterproofing problem, but rodents and other pests can also use this vulnerability to sneak into your chimney and make your home their home. If there are leaks around your chimney, your cap or chase has rusted away, or even if it looks like it may be time for a new assembly, it’s best to call a chimney cap specialist as soon as possible.

Whether you live in Corpus Christi or Gregory Portland, Lighthouse Roofing has all your chimney cap needs covered. Call (361) 214-7447 today for free estimates and same-day services!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Chimney Cap Services

How Much Do Chimney Caps Cost?

Every chimney is different, so the caps we fabricate for every customer are always custom-made. This means that our prices vary. However, we do offer free estimates so that you can see what your fabrication and installation costs will be. Whatever a chimney cap ends up costing you, we offer financing options to make things easier.

How Long Will it Take to Replace My Chimney Cap? I Don’t Want My Chimney to Stay Exposed!

Our process is simple and effective. We will remove your old chimney cap and/or chase, tarp up your chimney to secure it from the elements, and start fabricating your replacement assembly in our metal shop right away. Each chimney cap and chase take roughly 6-8 hours to fabricate and our caps are built in order as they come in. We’ll make sure to schedule installation ASAP after your new chimney cap is complete!

What Materials are Your Chimney Caps Made Of?

We offer galvanized, stainless steel, and copper chimney caps. Some copper and colored aluminum sheets are special order items that may add time to the fabrication process, and metal prices will vary. 

My Chimney is Made of Brick – Can I get Just the Cap Without the Chase?

Absolutely! If you need just a chimney cap by itself, or even just a chimney chase, we can make it! Brick chimneys are notorious for settling so it's imperative that we get all measurements from each side. 

Do You Offer Chimney Sweeping or Repair Services?

Not at this time. We offer chimney cap and chase fabrication as well as installation services. If your chimney flue, damper, or any other part of your chimney is not functioning properly, we strongly recommend contacting a local company that specializes in those services.

Do I Need to Provide a Down Payment for My New Chimney Cap?

No. When we are finished installing your chimney cap and chase, payment will be due. We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.

Do you have more questions about chimney caps? We have answers – just call (361) 214-7447 or send us a message online!

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