National Roofing Material Price Increase Effective 04-01-2024

National Roofing Material Price Increase Effective 04-01-2024

National Price Increase Announcement: Residential Roofing Products

Dear Potential Roofing Customers,

If you are in the market for a new residential shingle roof, we highly recommend that you schedule your project in the month of March due to an upcoming material price increase announcement we just received. Effective April 01, 2024 we will see a material price increase of up to 6% on all residential roofing materials so now is the time to get your roof replaced if you were planning on getting it done in 2024.  

Why Asphalt Roofing Prices Are Increasing 

There are various reasons why asphalt roofing prices are increasing. One of the reasons is that there is a rising cost of raw materials (for example, oil). When these prices go up, what ends up happening is that the manufacturer prices go up. 

This is especially the case for materials like asphalt, which are primarily made from oil. Anytime there is a rise in the cost of oil, asphalt roofing prices will go up significantly. 

Due to current world events, oil prices have risen significantly. The cost of many raw materials has gone up. This is especially the case for asphalt roofing. 

Another reason that the cost of asphalt roofing has gone up is inflation. Inflation has been impacting many price trends, not only the price of asphalt roofing but also all types of roofing and other items.

While we know that this is an inconvenience, we feel that it is our duty to keep potential clients and homeowners informed on what is going on in our industry. Contact us at 361-657-0091 or schedule an appointment on our website to get your roofing project done in March and save up to 6% on your upcoming roofing project. 

Below are the Manufacturer Announcements:

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